Tissue box

Tissue Box Holders

Our range of tissue box holders includes a variety of finishes and mounting options. Add style and practicality to your home with our Nordic tissue box. Store your tissues in a minimalist clear box with our Serene clear acrylic tissue box. Our modern and contemporary tissue holders will also suit your style and budget. These perfectly match our storage jars to keep your bathroom essentials tidy and organised. With our bathroom tissue holders, you will find the perfect way to store your tissues in style. Whether you are looking for something modern or contemporary, we have it all! Shop now and find the perfect tissue box holder to suit your bathroom needs.

We’re sure you’ll find the ideal tissue holder that complements both your lifestyle and bathroom décor. Shop our range of bathroom tissue boxes to find the perfect solution. Our selection comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes; you’re sure to find something that fits your style perfectly. You can find a selection of round boxes as well as the more traditional rectangular shape, coming in a variety of colours and materials. From simple plastic boxes to modern designs, there is something to suit all bathrooms. There are even wall-mounted holders that help save space while making sure your tissue box is always within easy reach. All our bathroom tissue boxes are durable and of great quality – perfect for storage or decoration. Whether you’re looking for modern metal holders or something more traditional and classic, we have it all! Shop now and discover our range of tissue box holders at Showerdrape! If you have any enquiries regarding our tissue box range, please call our bathroom accessories specialists on 0161 872 0906 or email